Chef Records – Food Music Design

Chef Records – Food Music Design

Creative Chef Jasper Udink Ten Cate and design studio Autobahn launch a new bespoke and thrilling concept that mixes various disciplines in a new product. Creative Chef Records is a series of music titles from various popular music acts, presented with a ceramic design plate inside a record sleeve. On the back of the sleeve there is a Spotify link to one song of the artist. Follow the step-by-step instructions to cook the favorite dish of that artist and serve it on the ceramic plate.

The concept was inspired by the act of crate digging in record shops, says Jasper Udink ten Cate: ‘I used to spend hours looking for rare vinyl and enjoyed the act of digging the crates hoping to find a special title. I liked the customer experience and i tried to translate the same experience to a food and restaurant experience, so i came up with the concept of plate digging instead of using a menu!’
Salone del Mobile
The Project is launched at the Salone del Mobile 2018 where the Creative Chef showcased 12 titles of Dutch artists who participated in this prototype phase! ‘I think it has the possibility to become something big. There are already companies from the design world, the food and the music world that follow this project with great interest.Chef Records – Food Music Design  Also a lot of musicians are very enthusiastic and willing to participate. Imagine selling your music with your recipe inside a museumshop or designershop. The possibilities are endless! We are already talking about dinner-for-two in a double sleeve and other spin-offs. The coolest thing is that I started my own record label on which I can bring out my own recipes, cooking songs music and design’, says Udink ten Cate.

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